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        BEYOND THE BARRIER - Circus Adventures

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This book is inspired by the adventures of author Raoul Gomiero and his accomplice Mister David, while on tour with the Embell Riva Circus where they performed as jugglers all across Europe, calling their act “Los Fabulosos.” After snatching an unexpected audition on the ring by rare fortune, they come into contact with a reality hitherto only imagined.

Mythological characters, exotic animals and strange events populate the barrier: this is how Italian circus people refer to their world backstage, behind-the-scenes.

A journey into the unknown, seeking a place in the sun by following one’s instincts and the risks involved.

The first Italian version was published in June 2020.

Two months later, the long process to translate into English began. Native speaker friends in the US read my own early translations. They each received one chapter at a time and then sent back to me their corrections.

It was a thick succession of emails until the last chapter was completed. Then a final revision was necessary for the first English edition to be ready.

These artist friends who became editors for fun, and without whom a zero-budget translation would not have been possible are:


Brien Engel, glass harpist, musician and teacher, who edited most of the chapters including the back cover and this page. He travels the world with his unique musical talent and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Abigail Munn, trapeze artist, dancer, co-founder and director of ‘Circus Bella’. Born and raised in San Francisco, California.


Jay Walther and Tosca Zoppè, sixth generation Circus artists, who’ve dedicated their lives to performing under the ‘Zoppè Circus’ big top and are founders and directors of ‘Piccolo Zoppè Circus’.

They are based in Greenbrier, Arkansas.



Justin Therrien, eclectic modern clown, acrobat, juggler and sword swallower, who performs all over the world in circuses, theatres, and other venues.

He is based in Bellingham, Washington.


Virginia Mosca, freshman at UT Dallas, and athlete: USAG competitive gymnast, Circus aerialist (Silks and Lyra), cheerleading team.

Moved from Torino, Italy, to Cincinnati, Ohio, when she was 9, then to Texas on summer 2022.


Nikolas Strubbe, clown, theatre maker, circus artist, and teacher. He is from California, and chases sparks of wonder on and off stage.

Raoul Gomiero, born in Turin (Italy) and later adopted by the Circus, has traveled the world performing as a juggler, crazy-chef, and ringmaster in international circuses and venues.

"Beyond the Barrier" is his first novel.

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